How We Charge

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We charge a 1% per year management fee on your assets under management (AUM), with a $1,000 per year minimum fee. Our fees are calculated at the end of each month and withdrawn the beginning of the following month. You are only charged for the actual number of days that your assets have been managed by within the month that is being billed.

Schwab transaction fees are not included in the management fee. For example, these may include but are not limited to: trade fees, fund redemption fees, and wire fees. Schwab deducts its transaction fees directly from your account when the transaction is completed.

Minimum Investment

For investment management services at, you must have a total of at least $50,000 of liquid assets held across one or more IRA or regular (non-IRA) accounts. You may use two accounts to meet the $50,000 minimum, each of which must have at least $20,000. During the Sign Up process, we will help you combine your accounts to meet the minimum. You may add investable assets of any size in the future, once you have met the initial minimum.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend that you consult your tax advisor before combining IRA accounts, contributing funds to an IRA, or rolling over an IRA.