Investment Styles

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to investing at We realize that some investors believe actively-managed funds are capable of producing better results over the long term, while others prefer passive approaches that track an index. A growing number of people also prefer to invest with social responsibility in mind. isn't here to tell you which approach is right for you. Our objective is to provide quality investment options to match your personal investing style and tolerance for risk. We are passionate about offering a level of diversification not typically available to portfolios of all sizes at a very reasonable price. offers three Investment Styles:

Active investors believe that markets are inefficient and prefer fund managers who actively buy and sell according to economic conditions and other factors.

  • Active fund managers attempt to outperform a particular index or benchmark in the market, such as the S&P 500 Index.
  • By analyzing company-specific financial data within the context of prevailing economic and political trends, managers of actively-managed funds seek investments that have the greatest probability of exceeding the performance of relevant indices over time.
  • Occasionally, an active portfolio may include an index-targeted fund or an exchange traded fund (ETF) when a suitable actively-managed fund isn't available.
  • Our active portfolios may include socially responsible and/or passive funds.

Passive investors believe that markets are efficient and simply wish to track the performance of an index.

  • Passive fund managers do not believe an investor can outperform a benchmark over the long term.
  • Managers who take this approach buy all equities in the same proportion as their index, striving for similar performance.
  • Passive managers don't make decisions about which particular securities they buy and sell. Their decisions are guided by changes within the index they are tracking.
  • Our passive strategy portfolios may also include actively-managed funds for diversification.

Socially Responsible investors prefer actively-managed funds that include social and ethical screens in their selection process.

  • Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) fund managers generally exclude investing in products such as tobacco, liquor, nuclear power, weapons, et cetera.
  • SRI managers often invest in companies that promote positive ideas such as educational companies, environmentally or socially conscious companies, health care providers, and the like.
  • Socially responsible investing is subjective and what one person considers responsible, another may not. provides an option for individuals to invest in funds we believe to be in line with core socially responsible principles. invests using mutual funds and ETFs. We recommend a wide variety of funds from many different fund families. Since we are not compensated based on which products we use, we are free to choose the most appropriate funds based on our clients' needs. Many of the funds we use are institutional class shares with lower fees than are typically available to individual investors.