Investment Management

At we take considerable effort to build simplicity and transparency into our service and offer strategies that seek to draw from the broadest possible range of investment options. We strive to minimize our advisory fees and avoid conflicts of interest to help maximize your portfolio’s performance over time. We are perhaps the only financial service company in the marketplace to provide all of the following benefits to those with $50,000 or more to invest:

  • Very low portfolio minimum and management fee
  • Wide range of risk levels and investment style choices
  • No conflict of interest
  • 24/7 access to portfolio performance reports
  • Regular rebalancing and tactical reallocations
  • Annual portfolio reviews and ongoing support

Some companies may allow low portfolio minimums but restrict clients to expensive proprietary investment products. Others may have low fees but often require much higher portfolio minimums.

Our goal is to provide clients of the same respect and quality of investment advice given to multi-million dollar clients. You get the best of both worlds.

Financial Planning and Wealth Management

For those with portfolios above one million dollars in the Greater Seattle area, we offer comprehensive fee-only financial planning and asset management. Please visit us at Ramsey & Associates.